Bow Tie Tour

Alaska and back again, our motorcycle tales

Day 34 – Down the Coast to San Francisco

We headed down the coastal highway all the way to San Francisco. We took a few side treks to see the Redwoods and eat at a cool little organic food place.


Our bikes looked tiny compared to the trees

While in the redwoods we ran into some bikers we had me on the ferry.


The view along 101 was just fantastic

We hit a ton of traffic as we entered San Francisco but lucky for us it is legal to lane split (ride in between the lanes) in California. At first we weren’t sure if we could fit, but after a full dress Harley made it through we figured we could fit as well. After all the traffic we made it to the Golden Gate bridge. That thing is just huge!

golden gate

Eric san fran

Eric by the bridge

That nigh we ate dinner at Scoma’s seafood restaurant, well worth it if you are ever in San Francisco.

We spent the night at a lighthouse/hostel south of San Fran that my grandmother had told me about. Apart from the snoring it wasn’t that bad :-)

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Day 33 – Grants Pass to Redding then back to the coast

We woke up early and booked it down to Redding CA to attend Bethel Church

I had read several of the pastors books and listened to a sermon series they put out. So I wanted to visit in person to see if it lived up to all the hype. Well it lived up to the hype and after the service we ate lunch with a few folks from the church then headed out.


We made are way back to the coast through the Shasta forest, over a hundred miles of non stop curves.

We made it to the coast a little after the sun went down so we headed south until we found a place to spend the night.

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Day 32 – Woodland to Grant’s Pass OR

Headed out from Woodland and hit rt. 101 the coastal highway. It was a gorgeous day and the scenery was lovely but after riding in Alaska and Canada the traffic was horrific.

Here is our view of the coast


After riding in the traffic we hopped off the main road and followed a BMW for a while. The BMW stopped for smoothies so we stopped as well and met a man and his wife in their 50′s. We chatted and together we plotted an off the beaten path route back inland.

We followed them through some amazing twisties back to interstate 5. All I’ll say is that guy could move, I had trouble keeping up at times and my pegs kept dragging I was over so far. We made it back to I-5, ate dinner at a hole in the wall mexican/island food place then Eric and I headed south to Grants Pass. Along the way the dinner caught up with me and I had to make an emergency pit stop in the middle of nowhere. I learned how fast I can get out of full riding leathers :-)

After the incident we road a little further and spent the night in Grant’s pass.

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Day 31 – Bellingham to Woodland Oregon

Arrival back in the lower 48!  We packed up all our gear, got people to sign our hardbags and rode back onto dry land. We rode south with Jason and Chris (whom we met on the boat) for a little ways and then split up, Jason and Chris heading back east and Eric and I heading south.

the guys

Biker Boyz
Before we left Jason showed us that yes a fully loaded Honda Shadow can wheelie. You’ll have to beg Eric for the pics as I don’t have them.

We headed south along to Woodland OR and found a bike shot to get our chains fixed and oil changed.

Next up the Rt 101 the coastal highway.

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Day 28-30 The Ferry Ride

We slept out with the other cheap travelers in the solarium. After riding out butts off we definitely caught up on our sleep.


Us and our luggage

The ferry stopped at the ports along the way, we got off the boat at Sitka and took a tour around the city.  Here is a picture Eric shot of some fishing boats.


We also stopped at Ketchican and bought some food to eat on the boat, aka Ramen Noodles :-)

Ferry rides are a blast in case you were wondering.  We took the same route as the cruise ship, saw whales, watched movies, took hot showers, and met tons of interesting people.


Jason’s mad skilz

Our evenings were spent hanging out in the lounge drinking Alaskan Ale, discussing life and politics with the hippies, swapping tall tales with the other bikers and listening to the Bartender play his guitar.  Fun times were had by all.

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