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Day 32 – Woodland to Grant’s Pass OR

Headed out from Woodland and hit rt. 101 the coastal highway. It was a gorgeous day and the scenery was lovely but after riding in Alaska and Canada the traffic was horrific.

Here is our view of the coast


After riding in the traffic we hopped off the main road and followed a BMW for a while. The BMW stopped for smoothies so we stopped as well and met a man and his wife in their 50′s. We chatted and together we plotted an off the beaten path route back inland.

We followed them through some amazing twisties back to interstate 5. All I’ll say is that guy could move, I had trouble keeping up at times and my pegs kept dragging I was over so far. We made it back to I-5, ate dinner at a hole in the wall mexican/island food place then Eric and I headed south to Grants Pass. Along the way the dinner caught up with me and I had to make an emergency pit stop in the middle of nowhere. I learned how fast I can get out of full riding leathers :-)

After the incident we road a little further and spent the night in Grant’s pass.

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