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Day 18 – Dawson’s Creek

Of Seedy Hotels, Heathen Canadians, and God’s Love…

Though the ride wasn’t as spectacular as the previous days, Day 18 will go down in history as one of the most amazing days of the trip…

When we awoke, we carefully slid out of our sleeping bags, trying not to touch the comforter with any limbs… I cautiously slid my sweater off of the pillow case and gingerly walked to the bathroom, where we refused to use the water.

That’s right, we were in a SEEDY motel.

You’d never know it from our view, but we were in the seediest of the seedy… You KNEW they used to charge by the hour, and you hoped above all hopes that your carpet had been cleaned since… Yeeeha!

What an experience…

Our Morning View… Mountains to the South!

Mountains to the South - Eric Farewell

A shot of the terror that was our hotel room (And Ethan ;-) ):

Needless to say, no showers were taken:

We spent the day riding… The countryside resembled Colorada, and Nebraska at different times… Lovely, but not insanely gorgeous the way that the glaciers had been.

As the afternoon turned to evening, we rolled into Dawsons Creek, BC accompanied by heavy winds that seemed determined to push us off the road.

This Dawsons Creek isn’t the one that you watched on TV… The only thing it’s truly famous for today, is a sign… A sign that states “Mile Zero of the Alaskan Highway”.

As we rode across the well used parking lot toward the sign, Ethan and I were both beaming we were finally DOING IT!!! We hopped off the bike, and had a couple take our picture by the infamous sign.

(Just in case you were wondering, this IS how your hair looks after 8-10 hours inside a helmet ;-) )

I got one for Ethan’s scrapbook:

Ethan Demme - By Eric Farewell

It was getting late, and we’d already discovered that hotels were in the $100+ range for a seedy place. So, we decided to ride around town in search of a Sunday evening Church service. We secretely hoped to find a sweet family that would take us in for the night, and save us some money.

However, after riding all over the town we found a couple of Churches, but NONE with an evening service… Ethan and I were at a loss so we decided to head back towards the hotel district.

I was in the lead, when I passed a small sign that said “Caution – Children at Play – Block Party In Progress” I looked up to see a small group of people all circled around a tent with a barbeque cooking away, and beers in there hands. Instantly, we knew we were home…

As Ethan and I pulled up, I switched off my bike, and said to the man who walked up to us: “I know all of you Canadians are heathens, but do you know of any Churches with evening services?” He laughed and replied “Oh, what the hell… Grab a beer and a hot dog, we’ll find one.”

Of course, we couldn’t say no to THAT offer, so off we went for our food and beverages. As the evening progressed and we got to know the group that was there, we were REALLY welcomed with open arms.

The host family, were extremely liberal mennonites and the rest of the crew was a sprinkling of other denominations and all of them were incredibly interesting folks.

One of the guys was a 40+ year veteran truck driver almost exclusively on the Alaskan Highway… When asked, he grabbed our map and marked up exactly where we should watch out for Mounties, where to buy gas, where NOT to buy gas and more… It was amazing!

“Map Marking”

Map Marking

As the night wore on, we made ourselves comfortable, sharing stories of the trip so far and hearing about life in the “Great White North”… We even had a cool conversation with a young guy, and fellow rider who works as a cook for a Diamond Mine up in the Yukon… 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off… Making amazing money.


Of course, we had to ask at least one person to sign our bags… Today it was the ever so helpful truck driver Tom.

And the signature:

As we discussed heading out to stay at a hotel, the host family offered us their guest bedroom, so we stayed there until getting ready to head out in the morning… T’was a wonderful thing!

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