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Day 16 – Taste of Calgary

The evening before was dinner with “Family”…

The Knight’s (Our hosts) had their two children, one daughter in law, and one tenant all up for a delicious meal, and the younger crowd had discussed doing something the following day… Something called “The Taste of Calgary” an event which is held annually, for the local restaurants, eateries and breweries to show off their latest and greatest foods, beers and liquors.

Both Ethan and I were chomping at the bit to get going, since we’d heard that our plans for the “after party” included a visit to an Irish Pub.

We said goodbye to the folks and set off for the city:

The Knights

Driving into Calgary, I had the rare chance to be a passenger (I ALWAYS drive lol) so I kept myself busy taking pictures out of the open window:

Calgary whilst driving

Once we found our way to parking, we set off to walk to few blocks to the event… OF course, I couldn’t contain myself for long and quickly found a quaint old bike to shoot:

Shooting a bike

And the finished product, needs some photoshopping, but it looks almost the way I wanted it to. :-)

Bike in Calgary, by Eric Farewell

As we strolled into the fair, I snapped a photo from above my head… Here’s just a small taste of the numbers and kind of people there, cool stuff!

Just a sample

We made our way over to the ticket counter, picked up 40 tickets for 30 (Canadian) dollars and then set about eating and drinking our way through the fair… And did we ever! We started things off right with some greek tastyness and wandered around booth to booth trying new foods, before we made our way into the seperate beer gardens.

Ethan and I gave each other a hearty “Oiy!” and set to work sampling the best of Canadian microbrews. It was hard work too, let me tell ya’… ;-) These Canadians are experts in their craft, and it shows!

My favorite of the day was the extraordinary “Hop Head IPA” By Tree Brewing Company… Amazing!

Tree Brewing Company, Calgary - By Eric Farewell

As I was walking through the beer gardens, I spotted this group of guys, I announced myself to them and asked to take their picture, as obviously they had the coolest table at the event.

Coolest Table - By Eric Farewell

And one of our hosts son Mr. Knight looking odd.

Mr. Knight

After a bit of time, Ethan and I had built ourselves a fine tower of glasses:

Beer Tower - Ethan Demme

As the sun set, the light on the buildings grew steadily more beautiful.


From the festival, we took a quick commute to a massively over priced Irish Pub, where we enjoyed some tasty soup and of course Irish brews. Hilarity ensued as often does, and we eventually made our way home to try our hand at some sadly unimpressive Cuban cigars.

At the Pub:

The Pub

After our cigars, it was time for bed… And a wonderful, night’s sleep.

Eric Farewer

Ethan’s side -

I slept in again then got a bunch of work done. That evening we went out on the town with the Knights kids to The Taste of Calgary It was a fun time, their were dozens of small shops each with a different kind of food and we walked around tasting and trying different foods from different cultures. But the best part was a section dedicated to Canadian beer. Probably 20+ different breweries were set up and I tried over half of their beers, (note these were in small glasses not large ones) my favorite being the hard cider called jackrabbit.

To top the evening off the group of us went to a local Irish pub and had a jolly time swapping tall tales, discussing theology, middle eastern politics and drinking good old Harp lager, my favorite beer of all time.

We came back to the house and smoked some Cuban cigars outside had more stimulating discussion then headed to bed.