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Day 15 “Teething”

Apparently riding through freezing cold rain saps the energy from you, so I didn’t get up till noonish :-) Eric had been having trouble with a tooth and it was really bad. So he went to the dentist for emergency tooth work and I went shopping with Dick Knight to get some stuff for the rest of our trip, namely a portable air compressor, waterproof socks and a compass.

We returned to the Knights abode and ate a wonderful dinner with the rest of the family who visited and then we watched the movie White North, a comedy starring Robin Williams set in the white north. It was a good preparatory movie for the rest of the trip.

Eric’s side -

Ahhh what a lovely day…

Slept in, worked and wrote blog entries, went shopping, went to the Dentist…
Had my tooth pulled (Which was SUCH a relief after the pain of the previous 48 hours), ate an amazingly delicious salmon dinner, wrote blog entries, watched some hilarity on TV and went to sleep.

Praise God for days like these.

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