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Day 6 & 7 – Iowa to Nebraska

I have but one thing to add about day 6… GREAT coffee and more at the coffee shop where Emily works.

Day Seven (Yup a whole week into the trip!)

It’s true, we woke up faaaaar too early…

After repacking, saying goodbye and airing up my tire, we hopped on the highway for a few miles to the Yamaha dealership to get our oil changed and my tire repaired… A seemingly common trait for Yamaha dealerships (I’m writing this in one now… In Montana!) is that they have wireless internet available… So, while we waited for the maintenance to be completed, Ethan and I got some work done, and I took some cool pictures of the latest in the Yamaha lineup.

The Intensely odd exhaust of the New, ’06 R6
Yamaha R6 Exhaust
Ethan “Working” from the seat of a Jet-Ski:

Ethan Demme Working from the seat of a Jet Ski

And now, it’s time to introduce a new tradition… Since we’d left, I told Ethan that we should pick up some Sharpie markers and collect the signatures of cool people we met along the way… So, a week into it we finally did! Our mechanic was extremely helpful and cut us a break on the cost so I thought he’d be a great first signature.

By Eric Farewell Bowtie Tour

And the results:

By Eric Farewell Bowtie Tour

A mere 50 miles after pulling out of Hawkeye Yamaha (and one delicious Subway sandwich later) Ethan zipped past me, gesturing wildly at my rear tire…
Then I felt it.
A frightening rolling sensation from the back of the bike, I quickly threw on my right blinker and pulled across the front of a semi as I made my way over the the shoulder. Once safely stopped, Ethan pulled out the patch kit and we started laughing at the hilarious directions on the package… “Step 1, ream out the hole in tire to place plug in”. It may not be as funny now, but we we’re rolling on the side of the Iowa Interstate.

“Plug Complete”

Plug Completed, Eric Farewell Bowtie tour

The sad thing?
We’d discovered at the dealership, that the entire tire trouble had been started by a STAPLE of all things, this little tiny shard of steel created that slow leak that nearly left me stranded!

Eric Farewell, Bowtie Tour, Shard of Steel

After stopping briefly at a gas station to top off the air in the tire and fuel up, we hurried along our way towards the South West corner of Nebraska, where our next stop was scheduled.

After a couple of bouts with rain, we stopped to put on our rain gear and continue on our way.
Ethan Demme, bowtie tour long Wet road

As things dried, the most odd thing happened…
We were passed, by a HARLEY!!

As I watched my mirrors, I saw a cruiser rapidly gaining on us as we cruised down the interstate at 85-90mph, a few moments later and an older guy from Ontario, CA pulled up beside me. He waved, grinned and then with his exhaust pipes roaring and his entire bike shaking, he pulled away.

Ethan and I rode behind him for a while but then after a while of laughing at his swaying bike, good sense over came our humor and we backed off of his 110 mph+ pace… Still though, it was HILARIOUS to see someone riding a Harley that hard!

Just a few miles later, and I hopped off on an exit that would lead us South, before our turn West and into McCook, Nebraska. It was close to sunset, so after a few miles of straight, empty road I waved Ethan over to take a few quick pictures of the desolate beauty that is Nebraska.
Ethan Demme, Bowtie Tour Nebraska

This one may not be so beautiful, but it tells quite the story of Ethan’s issues with his FZ1′s seat… lol

Ethan Demme sore Butt

And then a few miles further down the road…

Eric Farewell, Grainery in Nebraska, Bowtie Tour

And the Grainery itself:
Grainery, by Eric Farewell, Bowtie Tour

From there, we rode the last couple of hundred miles in a hurry… There was absolutely nothing but desolate farm land between towns and it seemed to simply flash by, until we pulled into our destination town, had a bite to eat and rode all over the city, in search of our host family.

From Calgary, day 8 and more will be posted tomorrow!
Eric Signature

Ethan’s Side –

Day 6 – Not much happens today

Slept in till noon then went into town to get coffee and look for a charger for my camera that I had left back in TN. We got some work done then ate dinner with the Sorenson’s house a the Machine Shed. The Machine Shed is like Cracker Barrel but with better food and nicer decorations.

Day 7 – Tires, Nebraska and lots more Nebraska

We woke up early and went to the local Yamaha dealer to get the oil changed and Eric’s tire fixed which had a slow leak. Luckily for us the dealership had wireless internet so we were able to work while they fixed the bikes. I also bought a mesh jacket to save myself from the heat. We left around 1pm and headed due west into Nebraska.

After an hour or so of riding I noticed that Eric’s tire was almost flat so I waved him over to the side. As soon as we got stopped the tire went completely flat. The plug from the dealership had fallen out leaving a nice round hole. Thankfully we had a tire repair kit, so we fixed our first flat tire on the side of the road and kept going. We spent the rest of the afternoon riding, riding along corn fields, riding along soy fields, etc. At 10 pm we pulled into McCook Nebraska, the biggest town in the middle of nowhere, they actually have a Wal-Mart! We spent the night with the Crothers, friends of mine and the Math-U-See reps for Nebraska, Montana, South Dakota and Iowa.