Bow Tie Tour

Alaska and back again, our motorcycle tales


Riders Ethan and Eric

Glossary of Terms

To help the enlighten the masses as to the meanings of terms, words, and phrases used in the description of our motorcycle adventures.

Bow Tie Tour

Take a map of North America then draw a bow tie over it with the four corners being, Alaska, Mexico, Maine and Florida. The middle where the lines meet is Tennessee. Hence the name bow tie tour, it is our tour of North America done in the shape of a bow tie.

Knee Dragging

This is what happens when you go around a corner and the lean angle of the motorcycle is so great that you can drag your knee on the ground.  Don’t worry we have hard plastic knee pucks designed for this sort of thing.  Knee dragging is helpful to increase your balance and to feel the road and how far over you actually are.  And it’s just fun to do.


An idiot biker. Usually on a brand new crotch rocket wearing no gear and having no skills.  Signs of a squid include, locked arms, sneakers, shorts, engine revving, wheelies, etc.

Crotch Rocket

A sporty motorcycle where your position when riding is leaning forward over the tank.

Sport Touring

What our bikes are. They are sporty enough to do some “knee dragging” but we sit upright and are more comfortable on long rides.

Harley Davidson

An american made motorcycle that rattles, leaks oil, uses old fashioned technology, is ridden by older men still trying to look cool, usually has large amounts of chrome, has ridiculously loud exhaust pipes and costs a lot of money.

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