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Day 2 – Homeschool Alumni Reunion

Or, Photography Bliss and Minding Ones Manners…
What can be said of the HSA Reunion?
Well, where else will you discover over 100 homeschooled, denim obsessed, granola lovers?
Seriously though, it was a great time and an interesting experience, meeting that many homeschool graduates and seeing where they are in life now.

The highlight of my time was without a doubt the chances I had to improve my photography and play with other types of high dollar equipment… All said, I tested out around $20,000 in cameras, lenses and more… It was amazing!

This guy’s name is Riley Spiller he’s a photographer from MO and TN, and he does beautiful work! Shoots witha Nikon D1X and D200.

Riley Spiller
And this is Nathaniel Bluedorn, a photog from Illinois with a brand new Canon 5D.

Nathaniel Bluedorn
A quick shot of Ethan during a meeting of like minded business owners.

Ethan Demme

A guy named Lincoln, jumping 3 ropes at once… Yup, we homeschoolers have no lives… It’s true.

Bowtie Tour

And finally, in all their glory, the leaders and speakers of the event…

HSA Leaders

More posts coming soon!

(And the big news from this side, is that I’m making a drastic switch over to Nikon vs. my current Canon… I think a D1X is in my future!)

Ethan’s Side –

The HSA reunion

The camp unfolded like any other camp except for the unusual amount of denim jumpers :-) Some other different included activities such as team geo-caching and old english style dancing, like in “Pride and Prejudice” Don’t worry along with the markedly homeschool activities we also did “normal” camp things such as play ultimate frisbee, hiking, praise and worship, relay races and eat cafeteria food.

There were several main sessions lead by homeschool graduates along with a few breakout interest sessions on subjects such as, writing, photography, music and small business entrepreneurship. The people were fun and it was neat to hang out with a bunch of other homeschool grads who grew up under similar circumstances. Homeschool grads have been compared to Missionary kids, they may be american by birth but grew up in a different culture so they don’t quite fit in with the “norm” of american culture. All in all the reunion was a blast and I will probably be back next year. To get more info on HSA got to…

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  1. Joseph August 7th, 2006 8:54 am

    Nice pics.

  2. Broncomom August 7th, 2006 5:12 pm

    LOL you are definately a camera addict

  3. Sarah Kohut September 22nd, 2006 11:50 am

    YAY ! Nikons are better ….I told you so ;)