Bow Tie Tour

Alaska and back again, our motorcycle tales

Day 39-40 – Albuquerque to Chattanooga

We woke up and started riding.

The sun came up, it rained, the sun went down, it stopped raining, the moon came up, we kept riding, the moon went down, the sun came up and a few hours later we rolled into Dayton, TN.

We rode 2,200 miles in 48 hours, let’s just say we were a little sore.

Here we are after pulling in.


Thus concludes our tale, “to Alaska and Back again”


Stay tuned for more great adventures…

Ethan and Eric


Day 38 – Laguna to Albuquerque

We left Laguna early in the morning and headed east. We rode past wind farms (where we took the picture for the top of the blog), stopped in Phoenix Arizona and ate a fun lunch with some friends and continued east.

Around midnight we stopped in Albuquerque and got a hotel room for the night.

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Day 37 – Laguna Beach

Today we hung out at Laguna beach, went and got our oil changed again, visited the Sawdust festival and had fun relaxing :-)


(pictures by broncomom)
Heading out to get the oil changed sans 100+ lbs of gear :-)

(pictures by broncomom)
Heading out to Sawdust


I should have looked behind me when he was taking this picture :-)

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Day 36 – Fallbrook to Laguna Beach

After a nice night in Fallbrook Eric headed down to San Diego for a meeting and I stayed behind and hung out with the Sinclairs. When Eric got back we packed up and made the short trip up to Laguna beach where we spent the night with another xanga friend broncomom.


Broncomom is a fellow photographer and she makes cool stained glass art for the Sawdust festival

We crashed while Bri made a lovely dinner of pasta :-)


(picture by broncomom)

matching iBooks and T-shirts :-)



(pictures by broncomom)

We were just a little silly that night :-)

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Day 35 – The Lighthouse to Fallbrook

Here I am about to leave the lighthouse hostel.

We rode on down the coast and stopped in for lunch with a xanga friend mommyfish if you take a look at her pictures you will see that Eric has made his way back out there :-)

(picture by Mommyfish)


(picture by Mommyfish)
Eric taking a picture after MommyFish signed his tail bag

After lunch we kept riding down the coast and enjoying the view…


We made it to Fallbrook and spent the night with some friends, they took us out to dinner then we went for a walk on the beach and I braved the water for a nightly swim.


The beach

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